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Together, Abby and Daniel made plans in that hospital room for the best catering company in the world - and Crisp Catering was born. Abby and Daniel have continued to be a team as Crisp Catering has grown. Since then, Crisp Catering has catered over 1,000 events in over 200 locations in Utah. We here at Crisp Catering would love to be apart of your big events - making them memorable for you and all your loved ones. 

Crisp Catering was founded in November of 2021. Daniel Driggs' wife, Abby, had just had their first baby. As Daniel was sitting in the hospital room, he brought up his idea to Abby to start the best catering company in the world. He told her how annoyed he was that every wedding they went to had food that was cooked long before the event, dried out, or just limited in its options. 


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About Crisp

From left to right:
Daniel Driggs, CEO
Waco Sebastian, Event Manager and HR
Lexie Guertin, Kitchen Manager
Lori Guertin, Director of Marketing and Sales
Cayden McCluskey, Accountant

Meet Our Team

The hexagon in our logo represents our 6 core values at Crisp: We are honest. We care. We work hard. We are kind - ALWAYS. We are hungry to improve. We are focused on others.