We care about our community, as a small business we would not be where we are today without the help of the local community, businesses, and members. If you or your company are interested in helping us make a difference at our next Crisp Cares event please reach out to us!

Crisp Cares started on June 24, 2022, in downtown Salt Lake City. Crisp served at a large event that was less attended than expected, and instead of throwing away the extra food the Crisp crew used the ingredients to make breakfast and lunch sandwiches for a local shelter in downtown Salt Lake. Our Crew was overwhelmed by the smiles and gratitude of those in the community. Since then Crisp has actively given back and each month we hold a Crisp Cares event, by partnering with a local non-profit to donate our time, food, or helping hands. At our Crisp Cares events, all food is donated by Crisp and our employees volunteer their time to make a difference.


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Crisp Cares