The Magic Yarn Project

“Everybody can be great because anybody can serve” – Martin Luther King Jr. In a world where we sometimes struggle to see the good, Martin Luther King Jr reminds us that all you need is your willingness to be great. 

This month our Crisp Cares team partnered with The Magic Yarn Project to make wigs for children that have cancer or other hair loss conditions. Crisp Cares was happy to take the time to add some love and fun to the yarn. On January 3, our team was able to create 9 wigs for the local chapter and bring a huge smile to our team members. Kitchen manager Lexie Guertin said, “I didn’t know that there was an organization like this. I’m so glad that my team was able to participate and give in a special way this year.”

Fun ways to serve in your community include:

Local Soup Kitchens

Donating old clothes, coats, and household belongings

Pantry cleanout to a local Food Pantry 

Donate items to a local animal shelter

Donate your time to an organization that you believe in or that speaks to your purpose.

Volunteer to clean up an area of your community

Become a reading tutor at your local school

Visit the elderly

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