Root Beer floats are amazing, but it’s time to mix it up with some new flavors! Our handcrafted drinks with a fun twist on them now including ice cream! At just $6 per guest you get five of our favorite floats. Ice Cream and soda at their very best.

Ice Cream Float Bar

Ice cream float Flavors

Rootbeer, Vanilla Syrup, and Vanilla Ice Cream

the goat

Sprite, Grenadine, and Vanilla Ice Cream

Cherry Bomb

Orange Fanta, Vanilla Syrup, and Vanilla Ice Cream

Orange Creamsicle

Sprite, Pina Colada Puree, and Vanilla Ice Cream

The islander

Lemonade, Strawberry Syrup, and Strawberry Ice Cream

Hot Summer Nights


Sweet Crepes


Fry Bar

What pairs well with ice cream floats

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